Morning Star M.B. Church - Midtown

"We're a church where everybody is a somebody".

Pastor James E. Snearley is the anointed visionary leader whom God has sent to lead Morning Star M. B. Church -Midtown to the next level of success and achievement. Through his bold principled leadership, Morning Star has made great strides in spirituality, education, administration, technology and ministry expansion. He has served since June 6th of 2009 under the direction of God. Pastor Snearley brought the church through a period of transition and transformation. Pastor Snearley readily admits that he is an ordinary boy from New Chicago area in Memphis, TN whom God has blessed tremendously. God blessed him with an amazing combination of diverse life experiences which prepared him for his divine appointment at Morning Star.
His God-directed developmental path prepared him to handle the spiritual side of the church as well as the administrative and business sides. Due to his experience in the corporate world as an Operations Manager at Desser Tire & Rubber Co. as well as Global Reverse Logistics Manager and Global Distribution Manager at Philips Medical Systems, God’s invisible hand has gently guided and prepared him. He has been defined as a real deal preacher as he reached, taught and preached in the rural area of Enid, MS. Pastor Snearley often give credit to Popular Springs M.B. Church for developing these strong traits. God’s invisible hand again was constantly guiding this leader to achieve whatever goals at hand.