Morning Star M.B. Church - Midtown

"We're a church where everybody is a somebody".


My humble beginnings started in Memphis, Tennessee.  My mothers teachings coupled with a moral spiritual based background led me to have faith in Christ.  At the age of eight I was baptized at Antioch M.B. Church, and submitted to my calling to ministry, at the age of thirty-one. 

My wife, Shalanda Snearley, was born in Memphis also.   Shalanda grew up in the Frayser area, and in her early years she attended Union Paradise Baptist Church of Jericho, Arkansas.  The inception of this God ordained union, began when the both of us met while attending a wedding of friends, from which God led us to be one.  

After 6 months of ministry I went back to school. I attended Crichton College Seminary.  From there I was led to pastor the Popular Springs Baptist Church in the spring of 2004. 


Desser Aircraft Tire &Rubber Co.
Operations Manager
Memphis, TN


 Crichton College
Memphis, TN
2004 – 2006 Biblical Studies


 Licensed by Antioch M.B. Church – August 3, 2003
Ordained by Antioch M.B. Church – November 9, 2003
Ordained as Pastor of Popular Springs M.B. Church July 18, 2004                         

Ordained as Pastor of Morning Star M.B. Church August 9, 2009

Continuing Education:

 Church and Law Seminar - 2004
Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts – 2005

Grief, Death and Dying Seminar – 2005

Grief, Death and Dying Seminar – 2009

Ministry Experience:

 2003 – 2004
Associate Minster, Antioch M. B. Church
Memphis, TN 38128

2004 – 2008
Pastor, Popular Springs M.B. Church
Enid, MS 38927

2009 – Present
Pastor, Morning Star M.B. Church- Midtown
Memphis, TN 38114


  1. Organized day-to-day financial operations of the church and provided support, planning, and task management.     


  1. Increased membership from 12 to 75 active members. ( 142 members on roll)


  1. Increased Sunday School attended from 7 to 35 members.


  1. Increased tithing at Popular Springs by 65 %.


  1. Organized a Bus Ministry so that our Senior Citizens, with no transportation, could attend church services. (With the purchase of new church van.)


  1. Increased church yearly income from 18K to 60K, by encouraging all members to give according to how the Lord has blessed each individual.


  1. Organized and instituted a weekly Bible Study on Wednesday nights.

  1. Organized a Children’s church for kids 9 and under during morning worship services. (This enables parents to be able to participate fully in the worship services with minimal distractions.


  1. In October 2007 constructed a new church building at Popular Springs M.B. Church of Enid, MS

  1. In June 2009 founded Morning Star M.B. Church

 Personal View of Ministry:

Pastorialship and ministry are tied to one another.  I believe that the base of any ministry has to be established on love and in love.  The essence of, “Agape love”, is having the ability to look beyond faults and see needs.  Physical needs such as making sure a person have food, clothes, and shelter.  Once these needs are met, then we can meet the spiritual needs, the unadulterated, uncompromising precepts and concepts, written by man, but inspired by God.  After this a believer’s desire will increase to live for God, and that is when authentic growth will take place and each believer will be able to chart life change. (1 Peter 2:2) Effective ministry not only leads people to Christ, but equips them to love and communicate the truth as well, in the uniqueness of who they are in Christ.